Bannu: The local cabinets of PML(N) FR Bannu, Tehsil Domel and constituency PK71 announced to support ANP in the next general elections.
At Itwar Mella Domel in a public gathering Senator Baz Muhammad Khan thanked the PML(N) workers for their promised support in the next general elections.
District president ANP Haji Abdul Samad Khan, President PML(N) FR Bannu Malik Akber Ali Khan, Malik Noor Alam Khan, Naz Ali Khan, Sobedar Retired Awal Mir, Malik Irfan Ullha, Hikmat Pakhtoon, Pir Haroon Ali Shah, and PSF district president Hamid Surani also spoke to the gathering.
Speaking to the Public gathering Baz Muhammad Khan said that today Pashtun belt is confronted with a difficult situation because wars are imposed on the Pashtuns in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pashtuns broke the shekels of slavery by offering their lives but today again we are made slaves.
He opposed the idea that Pakistan is the result of dreaming of someone. If dreams could bring freedom Kashmiris would have got freedom. 

A group paved way for the massacre of Pashtuns and brought US forces to the region but today their lips are stitched. Baz Muhammad Khan

We respect the scholars of Islam but a group has used the Holy Book as its electoral symbol and deceived the common people. This group declared fatwas of infidelity against us , however it paved the way for massacre of Pashtuns in the Pashtun belt. The policies of this group brought US forces to Afghanistan and today this group has stitched its lips, he added. ANP is the only political party which is publicly speaking against the so-called Jihad in the Pashtun belt and that is why our workers were killed, he said.



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