Special assistant to the KP chief minister Malik Shah Mohammad Khan has announced that Ayesha Gulalai and her father will be provided an opportunity to appear before a tribal jirga in Bannu to prove her allegations against Imran Khan otherwise their house would be demolished.

Addressing a news conference, Malik Shah said he had approached the elders of Utmanzai, major tribe of North Waziristan Agency, Bannu and its adjacent Frontier Region, to convene the jirga immediately.

He said Ayesha Gulalai and her father, Shamus Wazir, would be invited to the jirga to plead their case.

“The jirga will support the MNA and her family if she presents evidence against Imran Khan,” he said, adding that if Gulalai failed to produce credible evidence, then the jirga would make decision on the matter in accordance with tribal traditions.

“Her (Gulalai’s) house will be demolished, while her family will be expelled from the tribe and that her domicile will be cancelled,” said the special assistant on transport and mass transit department.

He said there was no room for character assassination in tribal traditions and customs.

Gulalai family belongs to Bannu district and lives in Domail area.

She was elected MNA on PTI ticket on reserved seats for women. The MNA had lived in Miramshah area of North Waziristan Agency.

Malik Shah said Ayesha Gulalai claimed that she belonged to Ahmadzai Wazir tribe and was a native of Bannu but she leveled ‘factitious and baseless’ allegations against Imran Khan.

“We consider her allegations a ‘politically-motivated’ suicide attack on the PTI and therefore, it is essential for her to appear before the tribal jirga,” he said.

He alleged that the MNA had bent upon the character assassination of Imran Khan and PTI to receive dollars.

The special assistant said Imran always gave respect to women workers and leaders.

He asked Gulalai to resign from the National Assembly.

He said Gulalai enjoyed all perks and privileges for four years and had planned to join another political party to confirm her seat in the assembly for the next five years.

“Ayesha Gulalai leveled allegations against Imran Khan at a time when the National Accountability Bureau is filling references against Nawaz Sharif, who has been disqualified by the Supreme Court,” he said.


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